Our executive 

Elected for a one-year term at a Congress including all the youth of the NDP in Quebec, the executive meets approximately once every two weeks to organize the activities of the JNDQ. They have a day-to-day impact on the presence and visibility of the organization.

The co president of the JDNQ a NDP platform for youth

Naomie Mathieu-Chauvette, co-president

Naomie is pursuing her BA in Conflict Studies and Human Rights at the University of Ottawa.


She is fighting for a wise plan to relate to green energy, future job opportunities and expanding public health care coverage like Medicare.

Co presend of JNDQ part of the Canadian plan for JNDQ

Gabriel Masi, co-president

Gabriel is currently studying in the Faculty of Education at McGill University.


He is passionate about reconciliation and justice with indigenous peoples, especially since he aims  to promote the engagement and mobilization of young people, in the hope of training the next generation of leaders .

VP of communications for the JNDQ also NDP happy at a conference

Vincent Lasnier-Leduc,
VP - Communications

Vincent graduated in 2018 from the Communications and Political Science program at the University of Montreal.


He really likes the NDP for its environmental policies and for its policies to fight tax havens.

The JNDQ VP of organisation NDP working to help the working class with conferences and events

Sarah-Jeanne Tamas,

VP - Organization

Sarah-Jeanne completed her master's degree in international security at the University of Montreal.  

She has a particular interest in the ethical and political dimensions of the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and the impact of technological automation on our way of life. 

VP of politics for JNDQ of the NDP at MCgill University

Ashwin Nair,

VP - Policies

Ashwin is a political science and gender studies student at McGill University.


The problems they want to address are the climate crisis, racial justice and decolonization, and then wealth inequality.


Devyn Vincelli,

VP - Administration

Devyn is currently a Bachelor of Civil Engineering student at Concordia University.


It attaches great importance to fundamental policies of infrastructure for public transport and sustainable development.


Chloe Desjardins,
VP - Mobilization

Chloé is studying at the Collège de Maisonneuve in Human Sciences, Justice and Society profile.  


The decriminalization of sex work and access to affordable housing are subjects of particular concern to her.


Raphaël Émond,
VP - Internal Affairs

Jeremy is a student in the bachelor's degree in teaching the social universe at the University of Quebec in Montreal.

He wants to put forward fairer tax policies, a stronger social safety net and a reform of the voting system for a more democratic society.