Who are we?

The Young New Democrats of Quebec (JNDQ) represent young people aged 14 to 26 residing in Quebec. We are one of the commissions belonging to the Quebec section of the NDP.  

Together, we create solutions for a better future.

Within JNDQ, we see the value in everyone. We want to be a catalyst for positive change, and from our inception we've been driven by the same ideas that we originally founded our organization on: support. automation and progress.  


The various NDP committees help the party orient itself around issues that affect members. JNDQs focus on issues that particularly affect young people


Each person is invited to get involved at the level they want. Members of the executive and members of the Board of Directors are often more active and active within the JNDQ, but each member is free to give as much time as he or she wishes. 

More precisely, being part of the JNDQ means:

Participate in the NDP bodies (such as the Federal and Quebec Congresses) where the main orientations are developed, revised and approved. 

Mobilize young people around issues that affect them. 

Popularize the positions of the NDP. 

Participate in events linked to the NPD (whether they are more serious, more political, but also more fun!). 

And in the event of an election, participate in the mobilization surrounding the activities of the NDP.