Within the JNDQ, our initiatives are more than ever at the center of our achievements. We are working on many exciting projects to help improve the lives of our community, and are very proud of the progress we are making.

Our mandate is divided into three axes:


Throughout the year, the JNDQ organize political events. Whether it's evenings of political discussions with MPs or more fun evenings or by helping a candidate during elections, we mobilize young people in many different ways.


Depending on their preferences and the amount of time they can give, everyone is free to get involved as they wish. 



Currently, members elect an executive council and a board of directors.  These two bodies are in charge of listening, sharing and advancing the issues raised by young people in Quebec. This representation is made in the other bodies of the party, but also in a public way by positioning itself vis-a-vis the big challenges of society. 



We are also organizing several events to highlight certain issues that affect young Quebecers. Certain issues must be regularly put forward by young people in order to bring them back to the fore in other party bodies.


The JNDQ also allow themselves to popularize the positions and proposals of the NPD to young people. This is how we often create our own visuals, graphics, texts and videos presenting the solutions that the NDP brings to the issues that concern us. It is our way of taking ownership of the issues that surround us!

Let us think in particular of: 

The environment

Student debt

To mental health care 

To housing 

To the rights of workers in the arts (music, video games and cinema)