Here in our news section, you will find our most recent implications for how our work is helping to improve our community. Take a look and let us know if you want to be part of this JNDQ adventure! 

Summer 2021


Our Rep. women and NDP candidate in Gaspésie 
September 12, 2021

Lisa Phung, our Rep. women is in Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine as an NDP candidate! During her stay, she especially wants to go talk to members of the different communities to understand more clearly the challenges of the region. 


Poutine "Punjabi" served by the chef
September 2, 2021

The JNDQ were present at an event organized in Montreal, where Jagmeet Singh served us his signature poutine "Punjabi  ". 


NDP press briefings
August 17, 2021

The presence of the JNDQ at the NDP press briefings across the province is vital in order to make the voice of young people heard in Quebec! 


Pride March 
August 15, 2021

The JNDQ marched together for the Montreal Pride parade! 

The JNDQ mobilized in at the Ottawa capital of Canada

Ottawa March calls for independent inquiry into residential schools
July 31, 2021

We went to Ottawa for a march, organized by NDP MPs Charlie Angus and Mumilaaq Qaqqaq,  focusing on justice, truth and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. 

The JNDQ standing in with the NDP for candidate signatiures

Collection of signatures 
July 12, 2021

Within the JNDQ, we are working hard to get New Democrat candidates elected!


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